There is madness in the world.

Making sense of the world today is something we all yearn for, yet cannot seem to grasp.
News outlets proselytize chaos and malevolence.
Politicians use fear mongering tactics to dissuade critical thinking.
Corporations are constantly tightening the invisible shackles that bind us all to a lackluster life of monotony.

The Collective has quietly accepted this predestined path. We are resigned to experiencing the world through hyper vivid screens, encouraged into tribal behavior that further divides.

How did We get Here?

Come along with me, Chae, on my journey to making sense of this absurd world.

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Who I am:

Chae Balistreri

I created Coherent Chaos to serve as an outlet for all my creative endeavors. Through it, I can express myself in various ways and am always looking for that which captivates.